Last month I started Py Web SF, the San Francisco Python & Web Technology meet-up. The idea is 1-2 conversation-style presentations of about 30 minutes with a group of 10-20 people. My hope is to have a more intimate group than the very good Bay Piggies (which I highly recommend). With a small group, it is possible to have more interaction, discussion and collaboration. In a typical lecture/audience format, people unfortunately tend to switch into "passive listener" mode.


June meet-up
Anyway, the first meet-up went extremely well - we had 15 people show up, which was a perfect number for the space. Shannon -jj Behrens gave an excellent talk on building RESTful Web services and Marius Eriksen - in fact a colleague from the OpenBSD project - gave an awesome talk on GeoDjango. Slides for both talks are online, of course.

July meet-up
Metaweb Technologies presenting a comparison of Django and Pylons. Then we have Alec Flett, another Metaweb'er, speaking about all the issues involved in scaling Python web applications.

Check it out
If you are interested in checking out the event, its July 28th, 6pm @ SF Main Public Library’s Stong Room. Full details can be found at Or if you are interested in giving a talk, just let me know.

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