MongoDB + Pylons at PyCon 2011

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PyCon 2011

I was at the awesome PyCon 2011 last week, where I had a fantastic time. Really great conference - tons of incredible talks and wonderful conversation. Definitely the best technical conference I've attended. Everyone I met was super friendly, down-to-earth and just all-around fun.

Had the pleasure to hang out with the Pylons/Pyramid crew who are a great bunch. I will certainly be going in 2012, when the event is scheduled to be held in Santa Clara. Plan to stay for the sprints next time!

My talk: MongoDB + Pylons at

I was very happy to be able to present a talk on some of my work at, where I designed and implemented the platform backend using Pylons and MongoDB. The video of my talk is embedded below:

Niall O'Higgins is an author and software developer. He wrote the O'Reilly book MongoDB and Python. He also develops Strider Open Source Continuous Deployment and offers full-stack consulting services at

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